nov 252013

beyond is publishedThat’s right, you can get your hands on a copy of BEYOND starting today!!

To celebrate the fact that Beyond is published as of November 25th 2013, I have a special excerpt for you here ;)


When the sun sets, I go back home and flop down on my bed so I can write in the new diary my mom bought me. As I write down the first sentence, the bed starts shaking.

I turn around to look at my feet. There’s nothing. My heart starts pounding again, but I should try not to think about it, because I’m making myself insane. Ever since that night on the road I can’t calm myself during my hallucinations. They’ve become so much worse. My mom says if I keep taking the pills, the delusions should be reduced.

I’m just getting used to my environment, right?

I lie in bed, motionless. My pen is on a page in my diary, and I stare at the yellow wall in front of me. My bed trembles again, this time more violently.

If I’m not moving my bed, what is?

I turn on my back and grab the bars on the side of the bed. Something is shaking my bed, and it’s not me.

Then a dark smoke rises up from my blanket. I pull up my legs. The rippling fog shapes itself into a human-like figure on my bed and looks at me. My heart is throbbing in my throat, and sweat is dripping down my forehead. Sam.

He floats closer, and I crawl backward to the head of the bed. I want to run, but the ghost is blocking my way, and I’m not going through him.

I glance at the bottle of pills, and I remember taking them today. Why aren’t they working?

Pleading, I mutter: “Stop.” But Sam stretches his arms toward me, the fumes almost licking my skin. Tears fill my eyes and cloud my view. He’s so close that I wish everything was just a dream, even though I’m sure I’m wide awake.

Then, on my right side, the blue ghost appears again, the one that looks like he’s a part of the universe. He drifts out of the wall, like he’s being propelled by a breeze.

Again he’s hunting Sam. They fly criss-cross through the chamber, but then Sam disappears through the door. The blue ghost hangs in the air, surrounded by glinting mist. He turns around to gaze at me. This time even more intense than before.

I blink three times. We stare at each other, without making a move. His body isn’t made of solid matter. Smoke in his body moves around like waves in a rippling creek.

Even now he doesn’t strike fear into my heart. I don’t have the urge to run anymore, and I relax. This one isn’t scary. On the contrary, he looks magnificent. Like a starry night sky when there are no lampposts to block the view. I can’t keep my eyes off him, and I don’t want him to leave.

I think he feels the same, even though I know that sounds weird. Why else would he stand there like a statue staring at me like I’m so special?

He squints. This has to be a figment of my imagination. My rationality tells me I’m hallucinating, but still, it doesn’t feel that way in my heart. This feels real.

His feet lightly touch the floor when he starts walking toward me. His movements are fluent like water. The smoke coming from his body dissolves into nothingness. I honestly can’t keep my eyes off him. My fingers and toes start to tingle as he comes closer. Hypnotized by his presence, I’m stunned. I should call for help and yell for him to stop, but I don’t.

He advances toward me. His head bends down over mine, sparkling eyes staring at me. I can’t imagine this being real, but it is, for me.

The power of attraction is almost inhuman. I want to know what he is—no, who he is. I want to touch him.

I extend my finger, and for a second I hesitate, but then touch his translucent face. A shock like that of a thousand tiny needles goes over my skin and through my entire body, sparking in my toes and up my head, heating me from the inside out.

His face keeps coming closer.

Do I run? Get out of my room? Even if I wanted to, I can’t. I just can’t. I hold my breath. My heart is thumping in my throat, and I shut my eyes. No, I want to be here; I want to know more. But I’m afraid. Afraid of what he’s going to do, even if it’s just a delusion. I want to know why I feel so attracted to him.

I feel a slight tingling in my lips and know we’re only a few centimeters apart. Warmth flows into me as his lips press against mine.


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nov 162013

Hi guys!!
I’m so excited for Beyond to come out. I seriously can’t wait until November 25th. I’ve been bouncing around on my seat for days now, trying to wish away the days, but it’s not happening, lol. Ahhh the dreaded wait.

Anyway, I just wanted to share something fun and quirky while we’re waiting for the launch ;) you know, give you something to swoon over <3
I’ve written Beyond with a specific set of characters in my mind. These pictures shape the characters for me and have been there since the beginning. If my book would ever be turned into a movie, these would be the people I’d love to see play in it (although that’s highly unlikely to happen, seeing as half of them aren’t even actors/actresses) :P

Well, I just wanted to share it with you guys ;) It’s just what’s in my head, and I think it makes for a nice addition to your reading experience.

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